Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment

Welcome in the section about steel and metals.

Who am I?

My name is Paweł Chrzestek and I am Master of Materials Engineering and I have also diploma od IWE: International Welder Engineer.

I have been gaining experience for over tweenty years in heavy industry namely in Huta Częstochowa.

In this section I am talking about metals (ecpecially about steel) and it’s attributes, heat treatment and traps or common mistakes made while work. I am sharing my knowledge how to heat treatment and topics close to it. I hope that will help to understand what’s happen whit steel while it is inside of hardening furnace.

I sometimes writie about boring things maybe even unnecessary. However you should better read these post because they often are introduction to more exciting things.

Maybe you ask „Why I should follow your blog? There are plenty books, manuals and websites!’. I have been teaching about heat treatment people without directional education  for many years. When I’m trying I am able to explain things very well and here I’m doing my best! 🙂